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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Šakal released the first lyric video for “Koledo”

Serbian black metal band Šakal released the first lyric video for the song “Koledo”. The song is taken from the upcoming full-length debut album expected to be released soon. The band also announced new songs soon.

Band states about “Koledo”:

“Koledo is one of the 4 aspects of the god Svarog. He is the personification of the young Sun in the winter solstice, the day when the Sun is weakest.

Koledo is Prav. The path of Prav represents the rules of the gods, the cosmic laws… In spite of the standard black metal cliché, this song represents light’s victory over darkness, until darkness prevails again. It’s an eternal cycle which was understood much better in the old faith”

Šakal is a metal band formed in Novi Sad(Serbia) in 2021. Their music is inspired by Slavic mythology and heathen heritage.
Their formula for creating music is simple: pure black/thrash metal + Slavic-inspired lyrics. No “funny” melodies, no classic folkish instruments… Just 101% pure metal!