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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Sarkasm reveal 1st song, cover art and tracklist

Legendary Canadian deathrashers Sarkasm have just revealed the cover artwork, track listing and 1st advance single of what will be their long-awaited 1st album which will be titled “As Empires Decay” and will be released on 12″LP, CD, Cassette and Digital formats next January 24th, 2023, through Xtreem Music.

Sarkasm is a legendary Canadian death/ thrash band formed in 1990 which released 4 demos until they split up in 1994. The band reformed on and off since then, but it wasn’t until 2019 that the original lineup from their 2nd demo ’92 “Inner Flame” came together to write and record what will be their 1st full album, signing with Xtreem Music for the worldwide release of said album titled “As Empires Decay”, which contains 10 songs of a technical, fresh and addictive Death/ Thrash in the vein of bands like early Gorguts, Obliveon, Death, Pestilence, Absorbed… featuring Luc Lemay from Gorguts as a guest vocalist on some tracks!! Mastering was done by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios in Germany, so this means top-quality work!!

The band saw their two studio demos from ’91/’92 re-issued on CD in 2012 in a very limited way, and then officially through Awakening Records in 2021. They also just saw their demo ’92 re-issued “Inner Flame” on 10″ vinyl + T-shirt via Xtreem Music in their 10 Inches of DeathCult series last August, on a very limited pressing.

1. Voices
2. Pulseless
3. The Collapse
4. Burn the Scarecrow
5. Massacre the Impure
6. Alone and Bleeding
7. Beyond the Stigma
8. Fire at Will
9. One for the Woods
9. Man Made Monster
10. An Ode to Suffering/When Immortals Die

The release date for “As Empires Decay” will be January 24th, 2023 through Xtreem Music on 12″LP, CD, Cassette & Digital formats.