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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Sarlic Bliss unveils “Departed Grace” video

Germany’s emerging melodic doom/post-black/death metal group, Sarlic Bliss, is set to launch their debut album, “Brægn Hæft”, on November 2nd. Leading up to the release, fans can get a glimpse of the band’s diverse musical prowess with their latest video for “Departed Grace” now streaming on MDD’s YouTube channel. Spanning over 7 minutes, the track showcases the band’s ability to blend melancholic and aggressive elements seamlessly. Notably, the song features the distinct vocal talents of guest singer, Gogo Melone. Directed by Justin Morina, the video artfully merges story and lyric formats.

Album tracklist:

1. Darkest Desire
2. Lust
3. Flotian Swefn
4. The Truth Within
5. Invidia
6. Departed Grace (feat. Gogo Melone)