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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Scarlet released new music video

Band pic by: Juhamatti Vahdersalo

Finnish Grunge band Scarlet returned from a 10 year hiatus in 2015. Now they release the third and the last one of their singles before debut album launch on 11/11/22. “Circle of Bones” is really personal song to the band members and it tells a story about toxic relationship. Because of this personal aspect the band captured something magical in the studio. The heightened emotions and the energy of the band is something that you don’t hear or feel anymore these days.

The single comes with a music video. It was captured in the band’s home town of Suonenjoki during the last summer day of 2022. The full length album titled “Circle of Bones” pops out 11.11.2022 in all relevant formats (Mc/Lp/Cd/Stream) via Inverse Records.