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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Scheitan releases new single “White Wedding”

Swedish gothic/rock/metal group Scheitan has unveiled “White Wedding”, their latest single and a tribute to the iconic Billy Idol. This release marks their third single in rapid succession and was crafted during the band’s studio sessions for the forthcoming album, “Songs for the gothic people”. Fans and enthusiasts can expect the full album to drop in spring 2024, courtesy of The Circle Music, a Greek independent label.

Pierre Törnkvist, Scheitan’s gifted guitar player, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist, took a moment to share insights about the inspiration and aspirations behind the new recording. He mentioned:

“Billy Idol has always been one of my favorite artists. It was the same for Oscar, Scheitan’s drummer, who tragically passed away some years ago. And I think Oscar would have approved of this version of “White wedding”. We talked many times about recording “Rebel yell” with our other band, Helltrain, but I think this one will do equally good.”

Opting for a more gothic touch over a purely rock vibe, Törnkvist emphasized the challenges and respect that come with interpreting Billy Idol’s artistry.

“I tried to go for a bit more “goth” than “rock” in the soundscape and vocals. Billy is an excellent singer, so it would just have been stupid to try to replicate some of the stuff he does in the track. I know my place and capabilities.”

Reflecting on Idol’s evolving discography, Törnkvist added;

“I’ve spent a lot of time with his newer material like “Bitter taste” and “Running from the ghost” and have to say it’s equally good as the tracks he delivered as a young artist. I will now keep working on the upcoming album and perhaps throw in one or two more cover tracks along the way.”