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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Scream Collision released new video “Mess Inside My Head (Memories)”

Scream Collision are a progressive hard rock / metal band formed in Athens, Greece in October 2017. In their first steps they played covers of rock, hard rock and metal in a number of music stages. Their influences are varied but mainly come from hard rock and metal.

After a while they felt that it was time to compose their own music, and on May 31st of 2019 they release their first single “Rolling a Dice”.

Their first album “Memories” was released on May 21st, 2021 by Wormholedeath Records.The album incorporates elements of music that has influenced them over the years, forming their own sound. It is a loose concept album, about a man battling mental turmoil and breakdown and emerging victorious for a bit of an uplift towards the end. The main concept connects the songs of the album, but every song is a bit different and has its own character.

On January of 2022, they released their first video clip.

“Mess Inside My Head (Memories)”is the first song to describe the beginning of the character’s mental breakdown. It is the beginning of his nightmares and starts the whole concept of the album.