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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Sebia released new video

Sebia is a five-member hard rock / metal band from Athens Greece founded on April 2020 influenced by a variety of genres such us hard rock, heavy metal, progressive rock and others.

The band’s name is inspired from a fictional character, Sebia, whose story unfolds through some of the songs of the album. Specifically, Sebia is a female humanoid being, that lived in a fantasy world called Aen. In Aen, creatures like her were considered witches, we’re not accepted by human society and were hunted for that reason. The story refers to the love affair between her and a human witch hunter, named Gabriel Barkley also of their descendant.

The band combines vintage metal with a modern sound, fusing hard rock and progressive elements, enriched with melodic vocal lines and riffs. Some of the band’s references: Metallica, Dream Theater, Nevermore, Kansas, Iron Maiden, System of a down.

With several live shows under their belt, Sebia are working on their Debut album which will released in 2023.

Not long ago, they shared one of the 8 tracks from their first record, with title “Ship Lost Through The Mist”. A musical combination of melody and heaviness, fantasy and reality, as the song creates images that take place in a world different from ours. The ship in question, travels across an unknown ocean, left to its fate perhaps for centuries, to find a shore. The lyrics interpret the utopian mood of the human way of thinking that is opposed to realism.

The track has been released in the form of a lyric video on the wonderful artwork illustration of their record by Yiannis Nakos aka Remedy Art Design in collaboration with Kaimakamis in the video montage.