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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Serbian doom/sludge metallers Nula released a new single

On March 25th, Serbian doom/sludge metal band Nula released a new single titled “Iza Vela”. The song is taken from band’s upcoming album “So Zemlje”. The album will be released via Geenger Records in May 2022.

Milan Vicic(guitar) states:

“It is an extremely ungrateful task to write about any song, especially one own, adopted by oneself, carved until the moment when musicians, creators, become its channel, instead of the other way around, let through to such an extent that we become its property, instead of the other way around, which is to be expected.

The story of many years of perfecting the composition and looking for someone who would adequately record its entire sonic and dynamic spectrum is probably not too interesting for the listener or reader. One would probably ask oneself: “What is all this? What’s the point of all this? What is the idea behind this attack on the senses?

The album “So Zemlje”, inadvertently took the form of a story, narrative, a kind of collective-subconscious epic drama – this story took place in the collective unconscious of the band and always manifested itself exclusively sublimated, ie. directly through the music/lyrics, without any reference to its semantic dimension, almost to the very end. Now, while I’m writing about all this, I am still not even able to imagine a group discussion on the meaning of the song.

The song acquired this significant dimension only in the broader context of some ideological threads that run through the entire “So Zemlje”. In the intuitive-semantic context of the album as a whole “Iza Vela” represents something like the beginning of awareness of the individual’s cosmic responsibility and his first foreboding to play the role of self-renewing and, if desired, eternally self-deceived victim. “Iza Vela” brings noises of distant reality, followed by its sudden intrusion and scathing liberation, the catharsis of revelation, forcing to stare at the nudity of the flesh and triviality of the external, which must be overcome in order to remain focused, focused on fulfilling the role of earthless salt. It feeds and nourishes the earth, and in the earth it is only to suffer, and it does so with will and humility, aware of its ultimate role.”