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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Serenity excite with new live version of “Spirit In The Flesh”

Normally symphonic metal historians Serenity share long forgotten stories of ancient kings, queens and mythical legends. But now, the assembly is looking back at their own band history and legacy of 20 years on their new live album and cinematic journey, “Memoria”, out now, December 9th via Napalm Records on DVD and BluRay!

Fitting for the live album’s release, the quartet surprises fans with their second single, “Spirit In The Flesh”. Dressed in their characteristic folk sound and combined with enchanting tunes, the song is supported by Niklas Müller, drummer of Symphonic Metal upstarts Ad Infinitum, on rhythmic drums. The song comes along with a video which captures the feverish atmosphere of Serenity’s dedicated fans.

Singer Georg on “Spirit In The Flesh”:

“The track was originally released on our album Codex Atlanticus, named after the famous work of Leonardo DaVinci, who was our inspiration for the entire album. We wanted to tell the story of his courage to face the wraths of the church against scientists and his strong will to explore the secrets of nature at all risks. The song itself convinces with a strong folk melody that is pointed out even more in the acoustic version. And of course, we are grateful for the support of our longtime friend Niklas Müller (Ad Infinitum) giving the song an energy kick with his drumming.”

photo credit: Thomas Buchberger