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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Serpico release new single “I Am A Rocker”

Finnish rockers Serpico are sharing their next single “I Am A Rocker” off their upcoming album “The Chosen Four” due out July 2022 via Rockshots Records. The song was written by Serpico guitarist Snake to tell a tale about the band’s drummer Jani.

Jani comments:

“I am so proud to have my own song written by someone else. It sounds just the way I am personally, how I feel and how I act. Snake really knows how to write a great song without forgetting the humorous side in the lyrics. Yes Sir, I´m a Rocker!”

Watch “I Am a Rocket” below.

Since Serpico‘s inception in 2005, they have released two full-lengths “Rose Tattoo” (2018), ‘Shallow Mistress” (2014), and an EP “Bad Commercial” (2011) along with touring all over Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and England. The band is genuine and unique Rock n’ Roll with big respect for the classic titans. Their forthcoming album “The Chosen Four” is produced by platinum-selling Finnish record producer Anssi Kippo (Children of Bodom, Hanna Pakarinen, Teräsbetoni).