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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Servant release “Black Mass Evocation”

On 26th November, the highly acclaimed album “Blessed By The Light Of A Thousand Stars” by the German black metallers Servant was released via MDD/Black Sunset. As a thank you for the enormously positive feedback, many newly won fans, and also in view of the fact that for a long time it was not foreseeable if and when there would be live concerts again, the band worked towards the now released “Black Mass Evocation” at an early stage. This is a complete and impressive live show, recorded on 18/19 February in the vaults of Hardeg Castle, near Göttingen. In days of preparation, equipment, lighting and other technology was set up and the almost 40-minute live experience was recorded and edited from several camera perspectives over two days. “Black Mass Evocation” is available exclusively on YouTube and celebrated its premiere on the Black Metal Promotion channel. You will find the tracklist attached!