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Monday, September 25, 2023

Shodan premiere “Demortality” video

Polish death metallers Shodan premiere the new video for their latest single “Demortality”, directed by Robert Zembrzycki (Fat Wolf Pictures). The song is taken from the band’s new album “None Shall Prevail”, out now via Time To Kill Records. 

“Demortality is a process of gaining immortality of human soul. A spirit that evolves, is scarred, dares to create and which remembrance lives forever on since its creation despite the human shells it lives in. We are the sparks in the objective cosmos. Dreaming eternally. And we are demortalized gods in the micro universe defined by each one of us. Demortalized”.

Shodan delivers the follow-up to their 2020-released album “Death, Rule Over Us” with “None Shall Prevail”, an album of towering, progressive, dark death metal with hammering, crawling grooves, refined and escalating riffs, and lurching, calculated chord progressions.

Shodan is a death metal three-piece conceived in Wrocław, Poland in 2013. Distinctive style of the band is a unique hybrid of death metal brutality, progressive approach towards song structures and melodies deeply rooted in cold wave aesthetics. In 2015 Shodan together with producer Arkadiusz “Malta” Malczewski recorded tracks for their debut LP called “Protocol of Dying”. The record was released in spring 2016 under the cooperative flags of Defense Records and Deformeathing Production. The album was followed by a dozen of live appearances with acts like Sinister, Absu, Beheaded or Rotting Christ as well as appearances at festivals such as Gothoom, Into the Abyss, Metalmania or Castle Party.

After a successful cooperation with producer Kuba Mańkowski (Azarath, Behemoth, Blindead), in April 2020, the band released “Death, Rule Over Us” via Deformeathing Productions, which introduces a slightly different approach towards music with more experiments, raw, organic sound and cold wave melodic influneces involved. The album was again followed by a series of gigs with Hate, Krzysztof Drabikowski’s Batushka, Rotting Christ and Blood Incantation, and summer festivals, like Summer Dying Loud.

In 2023 Shodan signed a record deal with Time To Kill Records to release their newest opus “None Shall Prevail”.


Szczepan Inglot: guitars, vocals
Michał Jarosz: drums
Tomasz Sadlak: bass, vocals