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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Shotgun Mistress has prepared yet another single!

Melbourne based band Shotgun Mistress will return with yet another single, “Collide”, on October 19th via Crusader Records.

As it is stated:

“”Collide” highlights the band’s now trademarked style of combining stupefying guitar riff grenades, a combustible rhythm section and soaring vocals wrapped in a melodic maelstrom. Shotgun Mistress is as hard to define as it is difficult to ignore – ignore them at your peril.”

The band is riding high on the success of their previous releases, including “Save Me from Myself”, which quickly went to number 1 on the iTunes Australian Rock Charts and into the top 40 chart, and their last single “Glorious Machine” which ended up camping on the Aussie charts for weeks.

“The new track is another fiery affair. A blistering tumult of distortion led full tilt with a heart on the sleeve lyric and sly, endearing hooks that don’t let up. “Collide” is one more tantalizing preview of their forthcoming debut album, due to set the rock world ablaze late in 2020.”

While waiting for the new single to arrive, let us recall the “Glorious Machine”.