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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sick releases debut EP

Created in 2021, Sick is a band from Sao Paulo, with well-know experienced musicians from great bands of the brazilian metal scene like Nervochaos, Siegrid Ingrid, Musica Diablo (featuring Derrick Green of Sepultura), Blackning, Voodoopriest, among others.

When the #covid19 pandemic reached it´s highest levels and the whole world had to reinvent itself, guitarist Cesar ‘Covero’ (ex-Mind Maker, ex-Nervochaos, current Endrah, Voodoopriest and Worst), bassist Ricardo Brigas (ex-Siegrid Ingrid, ex-Worst, ex-Musica Diablo and currentt Blackning) and drummer Herbert Loureiro (ex-Adellaide, ex-Revenge, ex-Seventh Seal, current Sandman, Territorio Inimigo and Siegrid Ingrid) got together to play some virtual cover ‘collabs’, and so keeping themselves active and sain during the chaos.

From this partnership Sick was born, wich initially was supposed to be just a band among friends to play some metal classics, but thanks to a very strong drumming material from Herbert Loureiro, the destroying riffs from Cesar Covero and the super heavy bass lines of Ricardo Brigas, everything turned from water into wine. It was the kickstart the band needed to become something serious. After many conversations, sinergy and chemistry on practices, the concept of a cover band was left behind to create original material as soon as vocalist Duda Franco (ex-Stand Free, ex-Burlesca and current Sandman) joined the band.

Thirsty for a hybrid, brutal and visceral sound of thrash metal, hardcore with generous bits of groove metal, they recorded the song “New Age Of War”, released as a video on the Online Festival of the european website Cultura Em Peso.

Watch “New Age Of War” below. Video and Editing by Fabio Ponce.

After many compliments on the first single, the band chemistry and will to spread the sickness in heavy metal today, the group dove into new material, resulting in the launching of the premiere EP “Hear Me Scream”, with five tracks approaching themes such as addiction, war, world ending and doomed future.