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Monday, September 25, 2023

Siegrid Ingrid release a powerful new single

Legendary 90’s Brazilian band Siegrid Ingrid recently released “Never Again” as the first single and lyric video taken from their upcoming and highly anticipated first full-length album in twenty-four years entitled “Back From Hell”.

“Never Again”, which will be available on the main digital platforms on July 20th, has special guest, Rohh Krammer Schroder (@rohhks), singer from the band Nephall (@nephallband).

André Gubber (guitarist) comments:

“It is a fast and direct song, based on Thrash Metal and Hardcore, styles that have always been strong influences on our sound. The lyrics talk about a human being tormented by past mistakes and his constant and daily struggle not to repeat them. It’s like a battle for life and a “new chance” to live sanely in the midst of his conflicting hallucinations.”

The forthcoming album “Back From Hell” will be Siegrid Ingrid’s first full album in 24 years and the first to feature drummer Herbert Loureiro replacing Evandro Júnior, who recorded the previous classic “The Corpse Falls” and was involved in the first post-return release with the single “Damned Conviction” in 2020.

The iconic vocalist M. ‘Punk’ comments:

“Our new album will be brutal, quite heavy and aggressive, we abuse chaotic and caustic lyrics as usual, making more evident the striking characteristics that have always been with us: Thrash Metal, hints of Hardcore and also a dose of Death Metal. As the name of the album says, we are really back from hell and with plenty of fire in our eyes!”

The essence of the previous acclaimed classic albums, “Pissed Off” (1995) and “The Corpse Falls” (1999), remains intact, but now Siegrid Ingrid has ‘returned from hell’ even more energized and upgraded like a Phoenix full of hate!

Siegrid Ingrid is currently formed by M. Punk (vocals), L. Morales ‘Borô’ (guitar), André Gubber (guitar), Luiz Berenguer (bass) and Herbert Loureiro (drums).

More about Siegrid Ingrid:

Siegrid Ingrid was formed in São Paulo in 1989 and was very successful in the Brazilian metal scene in the 90s with songs like “Enéas”, “Murder”, “Depressed” and “Demência”. Their shows were as heavy and violent as an avalanche, destroying everything and everyone they passed by. They played alongside great international bands and their vocalist, M. Punk, was one of the most iconic and emblematic figures of Brazilian metal scene (and he still is!).

Despite having reached a significant portion of the public and being on an upward trajectory in their career, the band underwent significant line-up changes, but suffered from the serious problems that M. Punk had been facing with drugs, culminating in the end of their activities in 2002.

In 2019, and with singer M. Punk completely clean from addiction, the band returned to their activities by releasing the single “Damned Conviction”. And since then, have been working on the successor to 1999’s “The Corpse Falls”, already titled “Back From Hell”, scheduled to be released in the second half of 2023.

For fans of: Ratos de Porão, Sepultura, Slayer, Extreme Noise Terror, D.R.I, S.O.D, Agnostic Front

Credits: Luiz Berenguer (@luizberenguer)