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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Sinnery signs to Exitus Stratagem Records

Israeli thrashers Sinnery have been working hard on a new, highly anticipated album “Black Bile”, which is slated for release this year through USA-based Exitus Stratagem Records. Their last album “A Feast of Fools” was released six years ago, so this new offering has been a long time coming. The previous album is very thrash-heavy and since then they have taken more to the death and black subgenres, as well as embracing elements from deathcore and modern metal.

This period of growth and evolution might bring a shock to long-standing fans, but in a good way. The music has gotten more professional, the musicianship has gotten tighter and there are more powerful emotions and messages inflected throughout the songs. They still bring heavy, driving riffs but have added melody and higher production quality. The band comments on the release:

“Writing Black Bile we knew more than anything that we just want the listeners to feel what we felt while writing the album. The album contains many different styles of play all while sticking to what we love about metal the most, heavy and melodic fast parts. We really tried to explore further into our inspiration’s inspiration and see where the sounds that we love came from, we mixed everything that we like to give the album a sound that is 100 percent Sinnery. All of the songs mean a lot to us, they all speak about our perspective dealing with different stuff about the world that we live in or our own minds and personal life.”

Sinnery wants their songs to bring fans closer to them and gain an understanding of who they were when they wrote “Black Bile”. Their live act is known to be very energetic and heavy, dripping with elevated intensity all the way through each set. On top of an engaging live show, they are nothing if not dedicated to their craft. They once had the opportunity to play a large-scale gig, however, vocalist/guitarist Alon Karnieli, who was doing his military service, was expected to be on base. All caution to the wind, he left without permission to go and slay the stage.

Grinding, and familiar, Sinnery takes the usual metal formula and injects it with dynamic passion. They are recommended listening for fans of Metallica, Gojira, and Testament.