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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Sinsid release the new video “Metalheads”

The Norwegian old-school heavy metallers Sinsid are ready to celebrate the release of their new album “In Victory” – scheduled on May 20th via Pitch Black Records – but they are so impatient that they decided to give a brand-new video to the masses!

The video has been dedicated to the track #3 “Metalheads”, a celebration of heavy metal music as a symbol of brotherhood, friendship, and a world without barriers! Watch the video on Pitch Black Records Youtube channel!

“In Victory” shows the Norwegian quintet at its best, inspired and never so powerful. One thing that’s more evident compared to previous works “Mission from Hell” (2018) and “Enter the Gates” (2020) is the more frequent use of the double bass drum. The band sounds as good as ever with an improved contemporary production which however still managed to maintain that “old school” feeling.

Originally formed in 2012, Sinsid’s influences include anything from the blues and rock to metal and Viking or thrash but the very core of the band is, unmistakably, traditional heavy metal. The band’s debut triumphantly introduced Sinsid to the metal world and quickly gained the band a massive new following, with reviews referring to it as “good old, honest, working-class metal” and “couldn’t be more metal if it was hammered over an anvil!”