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Siriun streams new single and video “Deep Water Flow”

The Brazilian modern thrash/death metal band Siriun was created to move the national extreme metal scene with an audacious proposal. The band debuts the new single “Deep Water Flow”, which arrives accompanied by a videoclip with cinematographic projections, filmed in Rio de Janeiro, produced by the band, directed by Samyr Novelli and edited by Samyr Novelli and Felipe Sales.

The band brings a furious and exciting fusion with varied creative ideas within extreme metal, and the new single “Deep Water Flow” is a call from the unconscious, with a heavy, daring and chaotic proposal, along with the aggressive and very technical sound.

“The protagonist is being dragged by a spiral into deep waters that symbolize the depths of his unconscious. It is the summary of the alchemical journey described in the album, in which the neophyte protagonist, receives the call, is dredged into his own darkness, encounters the most primitive material of his essence and is thus initiated into the mysteries of existence”,

comments the band .