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Skam release their new EP “Intra” and new video for “Wake Up”

Skam release their new EP “Intra” and new video for “Wake Up”, out now via X Ray Records.

UK rock trio, Skam  have released their new EP “Intra” and have also dropped a video for the track “Wake Up”.

“Intra” is the first EP of a 2-part anthology, making up the 4th full length release by UK Power rock trio Skam. Having honed their craft, the lads have gone back to basics and put together a collection of hard-hitting tracks. 

The 2-part Album is inspired by modern day struggles and each song focuses on negative human trait but sends the message that in any situation there is always hope.  .

“Wake Up” is a pure beast of a rock track. ‘Wake Up’ combines the familiar Skam power with melodic choruses and an instant likability. The track itself is the perfect blend of what makes Skam popular, hard hitting riffs with a melodic catchiness.  ”Wake Up” is already arena ready, it’s big and bombastic and beings an edginess to the UK Rock scene.