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Skøv released video to the new song

Skøv is a Polish punk metal band from Wrocław, formed in 2017. Someone said that we play like razors, jump like kangaroos and we are murderous, precise whelps who play with fucking anger.

Band have just released video to the new song “Above The Earth”.

This track was recorded at Nebula Studio (The Materia, Gorycz, Tides From Nebula) in Warsaw (PL) and mixed&mastered by Nigel Simons at Eight Legs Audio.

Band commentary:

“The song was inspired by a scandal from a few years ago regarding the discovery of mass graves of children of indigenous people in Canada. Ultimately, we used this theme as a symbol of the many harms that the institution of the church has done to local cultures around the world, taking their identities and destroying their original systems of beliefs and values. The track is the first in a series of singles we plan to release in the coming months.”