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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Skumstrike release a second track from their “Deadly Intrusions” album

Following on from the virulent assault of “Blood Red Vision” Canadian blackened speed punks Skumstrike have unveiled a second track from their forthcoming album, “Deadly Intrusions”. “Caustic Poison”, an infected warhead of riffs and violence is streaming now on the link below.

Skumstrike’s “Deadly Intrusions” album will be released by Selfmadegoad Records on April 8th. Recorded and mixed by Pat McDowell (Spectral Wound, Profane Order etc) and mastered at Enormous Door (Darkthrone, Bastard Priest etc) in Texas, “Deadly Intrusion” is a snarling, feral beast that will rip, rend and tear you to pieces. The disconcerting artwork of Ibay Arifin (Slabdragger, Orion etc) completes the package, adding a final chilling touch of fear. Be ready for a brainsick barrage of dirt and devastation! There will be no place to hide. Prepare to fight or die!