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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Sophie’s Threat unleash bombastic, chaotic and powerful debut single

The Brazilian melodic death/thrash metal band Sophie’s Threat was formed in 2021 in Sao Paulo by musicians Tiago Carteano (drums) and Ricardo Oliveira (guitar). Baptized with this name as a reference to Robot Sophia, the first humanoid robot to receive citizenship from a country, in this case Saudi Arabia, developed by Hanson Robotics, in Hong Kong, capable of reproducing 62 facial expressions and designed to learn, work among humans, and adapt to our behaviors. When asked in an interview if it would destroy humanity, it surprised everyone by saying ‘yes’!

From this concept came the idea for the band’s name, a way its members found to criticize how fast technological growth can destroy its creator without thinking about its consequences.

Boasting a bombastic sound, vibrant and striking riffs, bold lyrics that face the present day and a competent mix between thrash and melodic death metal, the band unleashes a lot of efficiency, seriousness and quality in their first official record, the single “Infernal Manipulation”.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Michel Villares (M&H Studios) | Cover art by Tiago Carteano

There is a whole story behind the composition of “Infernal Manipulation”, a song that originally belonged to an old band that Paulo R. “Satan” (current bassist) and Ricardo Oliveira (guitarist) used to have. After the death of their drummer the band disbanded and Ricardo brought it to Sophie’s Threat, where it was all reworked, enhanced, having different lyrics and title.

Unfortunately, right after the release of “Infernal Manipulation”, the band suffered severe line-up changes with the departure of singer Bruna Mieko and bassist Wagner Wilis, but now as a stabilized band with new members Paulo R. “Satan” (bass), Marcao (guitar) and singer Malu Sales, the band’s sound is back to being even more powerful, brutal and impactful as imagined by its founders!

“With “Infernal Manipulation”, we intend to show how much people today are manipulated through technology and slaves of social networks where the world is ‘perfect and happy’, however outside this virtual sphere their lives are doomed and unhappy. Behind the pretty pictures, expensive trips and a thousand perks, the story is completely different. We need to stick to this so that our lives don’t become empty and liars”,

commented Tiago Carteano (drums).

“It’s a direct and heavy sound! I really like the issue of how this prostitution for likes and followers that these ‘influencers’ do today through ridiculous, lame, shameful, and degrading content that unfortunately also attracts people with an empty mentality. Finally, it’s a sound note 10 for me”,

said Ricardo Oliveira (guitar).

The band is current producing a new single called “Suicidal God”, also with producer Michel Villares, using subject of lyrics how society creates its own monsters, and they always come back to punish us. The basis for this topic was the story of the schizophrenic psychopath and serial killer Joseph Kallinger, who murdered three people including one of his children and tortured four other families, was used.

“We used excerpts from a real interview of the criminal in the opening and ending part of the song, and in this interview he, a schizophrenic, talks about voices in his head telling him to kill three million other people, his family, and then kill himself to become a god. That’s why we gave the title “Suicidal God” to the single”,

concluded Tiago.