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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Soulline announces the arrival of Edo Sala behind the drums

Swiss band Soulline announced today that it has signed Edo Sala, known in Italy as a member of Folkstone and Bardomagno.

For a band to be active for more than 20 years is a rare case. Soulline can’t do that without turning their lineup upside down. Replacing the good Matt Vescovi, who was active in the band’s live shows since 2016, comes Edo Sala, known to Italian drummers for his constant presence on YouTube. Edo produces weekly videos in which he plays songs of his favorite bands, displaying an enviable technique and passion. He has also been teaching drums at the Villaggio della Musica in Lecco for years.

“After two albums recorded as guest musicians, we are finally working together as a real band!” announces Edo Sala on his social channels. “We have been in contact with Edo since 2016,” continues Lorenzo Barenco, founder of the band, “and the proposal to join Soulline was already made to him then. But the timing was not favorable: commitments in the various bands in which he played kept him busy. Nevertheless, he made himself available for the drum recordings of “The Deep” (Massacre Records 2018) and “Screaming Eyes” (Massacre Records 2022). We have a passion for the same bands and that makes our collaboration easier. Being able to work with him on an album from the beginning is definitely positive compared to before when we gave him finished demos. I’m sure his contribution will be well heard in the music we release!”.

To mark the occasion, Edo and the band have released a video in which they perform “Keep My Last Song,” the final track from the album Screaming Eyes, released in March 2022.

The band has always been very active on stages, playing numerous club shows in Europe and Russia, supporting bands like Eluveitie, Sepultura, Jinjer, Amorphis, Moonspell and Vader, among others, and playing several festivals, including the famous Wacken Open Air.