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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Space Vacation reveal “White Hot Reflection” album details

The release date of the of the new album “White Hot Reflection” by the US metal band Space Vacation on CD is April 29th, 2022. The pre-order phase will start on April 15th, 2022.

“White Hot Reflection is our best work to date. While the wait for this album has been like watching glaciers form, we think fans will love the results. This album was originally supposed to be recorded in March 2020 and released later that year – but we all know what happened then. Everything stopped. But because of all the pandemic related delays, we ended up with a double album and were able to really dive into the production and create something really unique, heavy and melodic all at the same time. There have been several injuries reported that are related to uncontrolled headbanging upon listening to White Hot Reflection, so make sure to listen responsibly – or just play it as loud as you can and honor the gods of metal with your sacrifice!”

1. Reign In Hell
2. Playing With Fire
3. Transcending
4. Iceberg
5. Walk Away
6. Being Evil
7. Middle Ages
8. Burn With Me
9. Don’t Say It
10. Win The Night
11. Sleep Tight
12. When Heroes Die
13. Out Of Time

Space Vacation was first conceived by Jay Shapiro in the summer of 2008. After seeing hundreds of shows in the San Francisco Bay Area, he realized that he had not seen any bands that could play fast heavy music, with vocals you could actually sing along with. He soon recruited Andy Headrick on drums, formerly of the San Francisco band Walken, and Scott Shapiro, his brother, as singer and guitarist. With a nod to the galloping riffs of Iron Maiden, the speed of Motorhead and the stick-in-you-head choruses of “On Through The Night” era Def Leppard, Space Vacation was born and proceeded to play all over the United States over the coming years to support their self released, self titled debut album.

Space Vacation prides themselves on putting on a great show for fans. Unlike most San Francisco doom and gloom bands that “let their music speak for itself,” Space Vacation is known for smoke and laser shows, inviting crowd sing-alongs and having an overall willingness to do what it takes to create a lasting impression at every show they play, from sold out auditoriums to small clubs and dive bars. They are not afraid to have a good time and that attitude carries over to the audience who can’t help singing along and getting caught up in the headbanging fun!

In 2011, the Bay Area Metalers decided to add guitarist Kiyoshi Morgan (formerly of Vicious Rumors). Kiyo’s soaring leads and overall musicianship added a new dimension to the band and allowed for NWOBHM style twin guitar leads to really compliment the vocal melodies that are the band’s signature. Andy decided to leave the band shortly after recording their second album, “Heart Attack”, and was replaced with Eli Lucas.

Space Vacation’s sophomore effort, “Heart Attack” is comprised of hook after hook of powerful melodies and shredding guitar playing that will bring you back to 1984. The album was recorded by Phil Manley (Trans-Am, The Champs) and mixed by Kurt Schlegel (The Melvins, Jello Biafra) at Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco.

In 2012 Space Vacation signed with Pure Steel Vacation.

Space Vacation are:
Scott Shapiro – vocals, guitars
Kiyoshi Morgan – guitars
Kai Sun – bass
Eli Lucas – drums