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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Spectral Darkwave hit back with new live album “Live Fire Exorcise”

After six years away from the frontline, Spectral Darkwave returned to the fray in late 2021 with their incredible second album, “At Outer Dark”. This stunning collection of monstrous, dark metal was a breathtaking, ambitious and imaginative second strike from the outliers of extreme metal and its release was celebrated with an electrifying launch show at Club 85 in Hitchin, the band’s spiritual home. That incendiary performance, that special night when Spectral Darkwave introduced their followers to the twisted delights of “At Outer Dark” for the first time, was all captured like lightning in a bottle. Now it is time to revisit the fury and the force that decimated Club 85 on October 8th 2021, now it is time for “Live Fire Exorcise”!

While “At Outer Dark” is an undoubtedly magnificent second coming for Spectral Darkwave, outstripping their acclaimed 2015 debut, “Last First Contact”, with ease, there is a certain energy, an impossible to define magic than can only be found in a band’s live performance. If you can harness that power, preserve it, then you end up with a listening experience like “Live Fire Exorcise”. Songs like “The Last Red Hypergiant” are imbued with an even greater sense of import and grandeur, the vicious “731” bites harder than ever, injecting virulent venom with each snarling chord and the infamous paean to ancient warfare, “The March Of Sses” reaches overwhelming proportions. “Live Fire Exorcise” is a gateway back in time to one night of metal magnificence, yours to be experienced time and again.

Released through Occidental Records on June 30th on all major digital platforms, “Live Fire Exorcise” is destined to become an essential part of the Spectral Darkwave canon. The very essence of what the band represent – skin crawling horror, thunderous power, intimidating darkness and an alien coldness – is here within the sounds of “Live Fire Exorcise”. Step through the eye of the wormhole into the chaos and madness of Spectral Darkwave’s live inferno, witness the birth of “At Outer Dark” and submit to “Live Fire Exorcise”!