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Monday, December 4, 2023

Spider God release “Flies In The Trap”

Following on from “The Fifty Second Murderer”, Spider God present the second single from their highly anticipated debut full length album, “Fly In The Trap” – a conceptual piece which explores the chilling mystery of Elisa Lam, the young Chinese-Canadian woman whose body was found submerged in the rooftop water tank of her LA hotel in 2013. A slight distortion of the album’s title, “Flies In The Trap” is a punishing and challenging song that lays bare the confusion and chaos at the heart of the bewildering case. Featuring sinister, skin crawling guest vocal contributions “Flies In The Trap” is an unforgettable album highlight.

Before you listen, let the entity that is Spider God tell you more:

“The second single from our debut album is “Flies in the Trap”. At this point in the record’s tragic narrative, we meet a police officer assigned to the Elisa Lam case and hear his insomniac ramblings as he struggles to find a solution to her death. Tossing and turning at night, he relives his futile investigation of the Cecil Hotel, wandering down endless hallways, dusting for prints, questioning witnesses, trawling through hours of CCTV footage for some glimpse of an answer. Eventually, he drifts into a nightmare where he assumes the role of her killer, and the cycle of murder replays firsthand on an infinite loop while he cries out for death to carry him home. The heaviest track on the album, Flies draws the listener towards the centre of the labyrinth, where Revenant Marquis’ ghostly howls echo through the walls while A Forest of Stars’ Dan Eyre hisses an unhinged recitation to the dead. A beast lurks at the heart with his jaws wide open; no fly is safe from the intoxicating pull of the invisible light.”