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Friday, September 22, 2023

Steamachine released new video

Steamachine band was created by passion of Krystian “Juras” Jurkiewicz and Konrad “Gałązek” Gałązek, which dates back to 2020. Founded in Olsztyn, the band entered the music scene with an intense sound bordering on groove metal, characterized by dynamic compositions and aggressive riffs, derived from a variety of metal sub-genres.

The debut album “Arctic Fire” (2022) introduced listeners to the universe of thrash/groove metal, which the band explored so creatively.

In 2023, the band transformed their sound, evolving from thrash/groove metal to a mix of metalcore, deathcore and nu metal with a progressive twist. In the same year, the band introduced their audience to a new era, dubbed “The Book of War”. This cycle of works was a musical reflection of world wars 1, 2 and the symbolic “3”, referring to the complicated and turbulent history of the world, but also showing the powerful possibilities of evolution and transformation of metal music.

The band not only tells stories full of horror, but also shows their musical maturity and ability to experiment with a variety of genres. The album combines elements of groove metal with nu metal influences and references to darker genres such as deathcore and death metal. Tracks such as “Monsterland” and “Acrobats Of The Abyss” showcase not only the band’s musical skills, but also a deep reflection on human nature and our deepest fears.

The new album entitled “City of Death” will be released this summer. Sylwia Adamczyk is responsible for the graphic design. The recording, mixing and mastering process was done at Records Workshop.

Band commentary:

“Walk through the gates of a place that lurks in the darkest corners of your mind: a murderous fairground where every attraction is a prophecy of a terrible end. In “City Of Death”, Steamachine takes you on a twisting road full of terrifying attractions – from dark clowns carving a crowd of acrobats dancing on the edge of the abyss This album is not just a collection of songs, it is a narrative of a terrifying world where childhood nightmares come true.

Immerse yourself in “City Of Death” if you dare and see if you can make it out of this dark amusement park in one piece.”