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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Stoner rock/doom act Chimpgrinder releases the “Remasters” anthology

US stoner rock / doom band Chimpgrinder is excited to give to the masses the three album anthology “Remasters”! The record is available as CD, cassette, streaming, and digital download formats via Electric Talon Records!

The band’s thematic and lyrical inspiration comes from the real pain, struggle, and experiences of everyday life evolved from a first-person point of view of Oliver. The band developed a unique style, and each album became a journey and story. The debut “Volume 666” hints at the storytelling potential, but the second album “Oliver” expanded the storytelling and musical darkness. “Simian Space King” brings the riffs and rocks harder, but provides a melancholy ending to the trilogy. All albums were self-recorded in the animal wing using a spiderweb of cables, microphones, and archaic and unorthodox recording techniques. “Volume 666” was originally released in January 2012, “Oliver” followed in August 2012, then “Simian Space King” in May 2014.

Electric Talon Records is proud to announce that all three records are released in one cohesive package. David Downham from the Gradwell House carefully breathed fresh life into these recordings with a full remix and remaster of the three album anthology. This release will be the definitive Chimpgrinder package, and it will be a must for fans of Eyehategod, Down, Black Sabbath, and Sleep!