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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Sum of Seven eleased a new single and music video ”The Monster…The King”

Finnish progressive metal band Sum of Seven released a new single and music video ”The Monster…The King”. The track is released in collaboration with Inverse Records.

Ari Lempinen comments:

“In the song The Monster…The King we We wanted to give more room to the instruments to tell the story supporting the vocals. The song flows with tasty solos and tight riffs in synergy with Marko’s vocals and dances between succulent blasting and a relaxing respite. The music reflects the atmosphere of the lyrics, which dive deep into a dreamlike space where the monsters and kings within us are in juxtaposition. The music video features the skilled breakdancer Jose Granados aka Bboy Kalaco who interprets the mood and the message of the song with his skillful moves.”

Promo pic by Sami Hinkkanen. (From left to right: Rasmus Raassina, Harri Annala, Marko Loukamaa, Miika Erkkilä, Ari Lempinen, Esa Lempinen