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Saturday, July 2, 2022

SwitchBack released video for the single “Corrosão”

“Sobrevivendo Ao Caos” was the EP responsible for showing the world who SwitchBack was. After the excellent repercussion of the material through the extracted singles, it was time for a new step in the band’s career and this step is called “Corrosão”.

“Corrosão” is the first promotional material for SwitchBack’s next EP, already nominated as “Batendo de Frente”. According to guitarist Fábio Lannes, the recording – which took place on the premises of Tellus Studio – was:

“a great experience and learning for everyone. The battery work was the most exhausting. There were several broken drumsticks and many repetitions until the final edits adjustments (laughs). For guitars, 3 heads / cabinets setups were used, which formed a blend of distortions and timbres. We were able to register a more organic, heavy and defined sound compared to the sound of “Sobrevivendo Ao Caos”. The bass, which was recorded in São Paulo, underwent tube re-amplification and to gain the presence and body necessary to complete the sound of the drums ”.

About the recording of vocals, it is said by Fábio that “Vinny made the main vocal in three sessions interspersed for maximum use of the natural performance of the voice. There were several repetitions in search of better inflections and a great job in the backing vocals ”.

Vocalist Vinny Blanc explains:

“The lyrics for “Corrosão”are based on the failure of social patterns and human character. The idea is to untangle the 7 capital “sins” from the spiritual issue and link them only to human survival institutes where having or being is no longer important in a failed system! “

The concept explained above influenced what is seen in the video for “Corrosão”, which can be checked below.