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Friday, September 22, 2023

Symphony Of Sweden reelased “Bad Thoughts”

The guys of Symphony Of Sweden aren’t really familiar with the concept of rest: their latest EP was released in March, and the title track “Get Out Of My Mind” reached 100.000 streams on Spotify as fast as never. The success and the positive feedback gave the band strength, as they immediately set to finish a new song called “Bad Thoughts”.

Evan added:

“We felt that ‘Get Out Of My Mind’ was really strong as a single, and it was also nice to release a new track ‘Down and Counting’ with Henrik Bodin-Sköld contributing with guitars. So it was great to see that people seem to like it!”

Lee’s statement about “Bad Thoughts”:

“Evan had made a musical background that was very popish, but I got a feeling for the chorus part and wrote it almost immediately when I heard the music. I had seen a commercial about a woman who dressed very classy, she was like from the 60s, very high-end style. She was walking on the streets of New York and everybody stopped and turned around just to look at her. The power of a woman with great taste – and she also had people thinking ‘bad thoughts’.”

Evan’s statement:

“‘Bad Thoughts’ started life in October 2022, when I sent an instrumental track to Lee and he immediately liked the vibe but it took a couple of months before we were ready to record the vocals which we did in April along with new live drums played by Niklas ”Bullen” Bengtsson. After that, I re-arranged the pieces a bit, and for a change, we kickstart the song with the chorus-hook!”

The band has also fulfilled an old request from fans: Symphony Of Sweden recently launched their first merchandise. Evan said that at the moment they are taking just small steps.

“There will be a challenge to find the perfect spot regarding different sizes, colors, and styles. For now, we will stick with not too many choices as I think fast delivery times are very important nowadays so we need to have everything in stock, that’s why we should keep the store simple and easy.”

Midsummer is just around the corner, but the fans shouldn’t worry about the band’s future: Evan and Lee will work hard during the summer heat as well.

“We will definitely work hard on new tracks for the album. I feel we are a little behind the schedule, so, for me, it will be The Summer Of Work!” – Evan added. “But sure, there will some days off as well. I will visit Budapest for a few days, and also in the late summer, we will have a couple of days of wine tasting in Italy. But other than that I hope I will get huge electricity bills due to heavy studio use!”

Lee ain’t rest either! “I’m working hard on my body, and of course on new music and my voice. We know where we want to go and we are not slowing down until we get there! But okay, I may take a beer with Evan or some beautiful woman, who knows…”