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T-Rex Marathon pays homage to post-hardcore pioneers Alexisonfire

Ottawa’s punk/post-hardcore act T-Rex Marathon released their debut album “Days Without Incident” on October 16th. On the full length, the band wrote a love track to one of their collectively favorite Canadian bands Alexisonfire. Entitled “A Prison Just For Us”, the song’s structure, and feel pay homage to AoF’s track “Accidents” and if it were to be described in one word, it would be an atmosphere for its interesting production techniques and slightly improvisational guitar parts.

The band adds:

“This song was written as an homage of sorts to Canadian post-hardcore pioneers Alexisonfire. AoF was, and still is, a huge influence on this band’s music. This song is a band favorite because it stands apart from the other songs on the album, featuring an emphasis on atmosphere and ambiance rather than punchy energy. This song might sound a little different from the others, but we do think it’s a great song that we think will really resonate with our listeners!”