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Tanith share “Flame” video

New York City’s Tanith – Russ Tippins (guitars, vocals), Cindy Maynard (bass, vocals), and Keith Robinson (drums) – have released their new album “Voyage”, out April 21st via Metal Blade. 

The album was recorded and mastered on 24-track analog tape and has never been digitized from recording to pressing. Also, fans will recognize Tippins from NWOBHM legend Satan.

“To us, ‘Flame’ is a standout track. Firstly, it’s written in a major key which isn’t too common in Metal these days, and Cindy plays keys on the intro! Although the lyrical theme is pretty dark, we made sure to keep the music upbeat and positive. We really had the best time making this video at Saint Vitus… enjoy!”,

Russell Tippins