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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Tankard release the third single and music video “Lockdown Forever”

Even after 40 steamy, liver-destroying, gut-stretching years in the name of heavy metal, there’s no stopping the Tankard beer train. Just in time for the festivities surrounding their 40th birthday, Tankard let “Pavlov’s Dawgs” off the leash on September 30th, their 18th album overall and debut for the new label Reaper Entertainment.

Our favorite Frankfurters present the third single “Lockdown Foever”. A song that deals with the Corona pandemic and the related isolation in Lockdown in a Tankard-typical way. “Lockdown Forever” is available now on all streaming platforms. 

The official video clip was shot and edited in July 2022 under the direction of Renatus Töpke (Töpkefilm.de).

Gerre comments:

“Today we are releasing our third video clip for our new opus “Pavlov`s Dawgs”, which will be released on 09/30/22. For the very first time we worked together with Renatus Töpke and we had the opportunity to shoot at the locations where the legendary science fiction comedy “Iron Sky” was made! Not only because of that, I think the result of “Lockdown Forever” is more than worth seeing (and of course hearing)! Imagine, there is such a blatant virus that forces you to stay at home forever!
Locked up for the rest of your life you can only order pizza, do yoga and listen through your metal collection from A-Z! The latter would be no problem for me of course, I’m well stocked……………………………..in this sense: Not only “Lockdown Forever” but also “METAL FOREVER”!”