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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Tanus release stunning new single “The Abyss”

Mexican metal band Tanus release stunning new single “The Abyss”, out now on FiXT.

Mexican metal band fronted by the DJ and producer duo of Mika and Eric Monsonis, Tanus, makes their debut at FiXT with new metal single “Abyss”. The single is the next track to materialize on the upcoming FiXT: Radium compilation.

Produced by Eric Monsonis and Mika “Abyss” dives in immediately with powerful melodies and heavy guitars riffs fused over synthesizers setting a conflicting mood that encapsulates the rest of the track. The song’s thought provoking lyrics coupled with a powerful vocal delivery by Diz, one of the top leading singers in Mexico and South America, create a turbulent anthem questioning the human experience.

“The lyrics of this song talk about freedom,” explains Tanus. “How free are we really today? In reality there are not many options, if you open your eyes to different circumstances, everything is so marginalized and manipulated. The information that reaches us is basically the same anywhere in the world; trends, as well as viral issues contaminates the minds of the new generations, this causes us to fall into an abyss that lacks options. It seems to me a duty, as a band, the option to comment on this, and thus be able to give back to people what they need to have; control. Human beings and their creativity have been compromised by a so called “controlled freedom.” Being in an ‘abyss’ is an option, agreeing to get out of it is a responsibility.”

Originally created in 2014 under the name Mikankh as a solo project of the Band’s DJ Mika, the project was so well received it was revamped into a six member ensemble today known as Tanus. The band is a hybrid of metal and electronic music incorporating Trap, Industrial, Dubstep, and Drum & Bass for a diverse and unique but powerful sound of their own.

Tanus has released eight singles with over 500,000 hits between them across all platforms with strong reception from live concerts with “Defying Gravity,” “Shadows,” and “Superhumanity” scoring plays on metal playlists throughout Mexico and South America. They currently have a collaboration coming up with AJ Channer, vocalist of the band Fire From The Gods. The group has made appearances in several large festivals over the years throughout Mexico and South America, including but not limited to Hell and Heaven Open Air, Corona Weekend, and Punk Rock Fest. They’ve shared the stage with top rated bands such as KORN, Slipknot, P.O.D. Megadeth and more. In other words Tanus is ready to take the world by storm and isn’t slowing down anytime soon.