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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Terrible Sickness release new single “Slaves to Decay”

“Flesh for the Insatiable”, the third album by the demolition squad from Lower Saxony Terrible Sickness, will be released on 18th November! As a first taste of the album, you can now watch the lyric video “Slaves to Decay” on the MDD Youtube channel. “Flesh for the Insatiable” offers 11 finest blast beat anthems inspired by 90s US death metal. On several songs, Martin Matzak from the German old school death metal monsters Torchure did the honor to contribute some guest vocals. You can find the complete tracklist of the album enclosed!

1. Carnage
2. Living Disembowelment
3. Winds of Extinction
4. Crown of Discreation
5. Slaves to Decay
6. Bloody Guts
7. Dethroned Immortality
8. Revenge
9. Voracious Persecutor
10. Putrid Infection
11. Feeding Fatal Fairies (Defleshed Cover)