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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Tesla release new song “Time To Rock!”

Great news for Tesla fans! The band have released a new song titled “Time To Rock!” see link below ,,, The music video will debut on Tuesday, August 9th.

Tesla vocalist Jeff Keith stated recnetly on “Time To Rock!”:

“We’ve been playing it live since June 11th when we played our home show here in Sacramento. So we played it live and we just kept it in the set.
… “It’s that kind of song that just, you know, everything you might have going on when you go to a concert, you wanna just kind of let your hair down and this song is exactly about that. Just not let things go, but just drop ’em down and still hold ’em in your hands tight, but just let things go and let your hair down for four and a half minutes. Time to rock!”

Frank Hannon – guitar
Brian Wheat – bass
Jeff Keith – lead vocals
Dave Rude – guitar
Steve Brown – drums