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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Testament members send appeal to help and support Metal For Nepal!

Testament members, Chuck Billy and Steve Di Giorgio, have posted via Facebook their appeal to help and support Metal For Nepal. Read and watch below.

Chuck Billy:

“Attention Metal Heads!! The beautiful country of Nepal is experiencing tough times; situations for many people in Nepal are critical. The global metal and arts community are coming together to aid the needy!
We in Testament are doing our part to help spread the word and support the cause. We appreciate anyone who is willing to reach out, and help spread this message! 🙏
Purchase merch or art from the METAL for NEPAL web store and all proceeds go to helping people in need! METALFORNEPAL.org”

Watch Chuck’s video-message here:

Steve Di Giorgio:

“We’re living in these hard times. Some have it harder than others. There are some metal heads in Nepal that have an organization that uses money earned from metal events to help those that need it most. www.metalforneapal.org Reaching out far & wide for your help.

Watch Steve’s video-message here: