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Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Black Skeleton release new single “The Snake”

The Black Skeleton have unleashed a sonic storm with their new single, “The Snake”. Following their previous single, “Swear”, released on April 18th, this dynamic rock band shows no signs of slowing down. According to the band’s frontman, Quinn Gardener Kane:

“The Snake defies expectations and delivers an irresistible dose of rock ‘n roll fun. With its electrifying sound and infectious energy, this track is bound to leave listeners craving more.”

Quinn Gardener-Kane, the artistic force behind The Black Skeleton, provides a refreshing take on their latest release. Rejecting lofty pretenses, Kane describes “The Snake” as a thrilling and unapologetic celebration of rock music. The band’s ability to merge hauntingly familiar elements with an unbridled sense of fun sets them apart in the contemporary music scene. The Black Skeleton’s forthcoming album “The Rear View” will be available on Golden Robot Records later in the year.

Melbourne based singer-songwriter Quinn Gardener-Kane, has been making what started as a fun journey of writing and recording with other super creative friends, into an emotive rock ‘n roll beast all of its own.

The Black Skeleton is a window to the inner thoughts and stories of Quinn’s life experiences; some dark, some haunting, but always personal. The themes and depth of this collection of songs will resonate, provoke and have a different point of resonation with each listen.

Quinn has sought after, and secured, some of Australia’s most accomplished musicians to assist in the final recordings, and form the live band to showcase these amazing, kick ass songs.