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Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Crawling release new single with video “Sparrow”

Death/doom trio, The Crawling, have released their new single “Sparrow,” and accompanying live-action lyric video. The song tells a haunting tale of isolation, misery, and the emotional outcome of living a pointless life; amplified by the fact so many ‘spectate’ a chain of events, without offering support.

The lyric video was written, created and filmed entirely alone by vocalist/guitarist Andy Clarke; solely due to lockdown restrictions, and the inability to use a professional studio. The single is accompanied in physical format by digipack CD, cassette, and a new exclusive t-shirt design (created by Serpent Tusk).

Vocalist/guitarist Andy Clarke commented;

“Lockdown restrictions in Northern Ireland didn’t allow for the band to even be in the same room together, let alone film a music video. I really hated the thought of releasing a new track without a video, as it’s something I really enjoy; so, my hand was forced to film something on my own. It’s not like our normal performance style videos, but more of a live-action lyric video. It works well, emphasising the lyrics, whilst also creating the haunting imagery of the song.”