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Saturday, July 2, 2022

The Damnnation to release “Way Of Perdition” in May

The Damnnation attack with their debut album, spewing forth a versatile sound which mixes several strands of extreme metal and brings life to old school thrash!

“Way Of Perdition” will be released will be released on May 6th 2022 via Soulseller Records on CD, LP and digitally.

Based in São Paulo / Brazil, The Damnnation consist of Renata Petrelli (vocals, guitar), Aline Dutchi (bass, backing vocals), and Luana Diniz (drums).

In 2020 they dropped a four-track EP entitled “Parasite”, on which the raging fist of old school heavy metal hit the skull of thrash metal. Imagine the love child of Judas Priest, Megadeth, and Power Trip if you will.

Now, the power trio will strike back even heavier – be prepared!

1. Before the Drowning
2. Way of Perdition
3. Into the Sun
4. This Pain Won’t Last
5. Grief of Death
6. Random Words
7. Slaves of Society
8. Rotten Soul
9. No Hope Inside
10. The Greed