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Friday, September 22, 2023

The fifth Lazarus Fest is scheduled

The fifth Lazarus Fest will be held on October 28th, at the Dom kulture of the town of Lazarevo, not far from Zrenjanin, Serbia. The gates will be opened at beginning at 8 p.m., and admission is free. This year, the most influential Serbian underground metal bands will participate along with fresh blood. The Stone, Nadimač, Vartra, Desolation, War Engine, Kobold are the bands that will participate tgis festival.

The fifth edition, among other things, tries to answer the few questions:

can the traditional heritage of the Balkans combined with other heritages and alternative and modern directions can become relevant in domestic and international frameworks,

can youth bring much-needed refreshment to the genres with a long tradition and

-does Zrenjanin hard core sceene still have something to offer?

“The fifth gathering in Lazarevo, dear friends, is very special because of many things, and the most important thing is that together we reached the first jubilee and the fifth birth of the festival. In that name, we arranged a program like the fifth edition deserves it, and also you, who have supported and attended our little festival in previous years. Those who still haven’t, find us on the map, come and let’s have a unique atavistic experience together!”