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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The first of many more to come!

Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday dear Abaddon! Happy birthday to us!

Would you believe it!? We survived year one! Within the pandemic era, no less, and all the restrictions it implies!

Against all odds, we made it. When we think about it, it’s quite a feat! Hell, there are just four of us. And one of us never wrote a review prior to Abaddon Magazine. One of us never wrote a concert report. Two of us never did a live video interview before. One of us wasn’t even a journalist until this year. We even tried our hand at being part of a radio show in the meantime. With little to no previous experience at it. Thanks to Ghost Wave Radio and The Dark Side of Metal for that!

What’s more, we are doing all this amidst our extremely busy schedules, as two of us have very demanding regular jobs, one manages a band as well and one of us is studying at what is arguably the most difficult college one can attend.

But we made it! Having a lot of fun every step of the way.

Yet, for all the hard work we put into Abaddon Magazine on a daily basis, none of it would be possible without a whole lot of “outsiders” to push us forward. Our loyal partners in crime.

Csaba Nemeth whose artistic mastery provided for the beautiful logo; The Metallist PR and Pure Steel Records whose appearance at the right hand side of this page is everything but coincidental; all the bands, labels and PR agencies feeding us fresh material; and last but nowhere near least, YOU our dear reader who are the backbone of this whole ordeal!

We bow to the lot of you!

We hope you enjoyed the journey so far, as much as we did.

It’s time for us to blow out the candle, have some cake and go on counting years to come.


Ivona, Anđela, Vidoje and Miloš