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Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Gorge release new single/live session “A Decision Was Made”

St. Louis-based progressive metal outfit The Gorge is pleased to unveil the video for their latest single, “Synapse Misfire”. Now playing at “Everything Is Noise”, the track comes by way of the band’s Mechanical Fiction full-length, set for release via Pelagic Records on July 28th.

Within the realms of progressive music exists a fine line between instrumental proficiency and bare-ass wanking. The art of remaining tasteful while performing crazy acrobatics on your instruments is difficult to master, but on their third full-length album Mechanical Fiction, The Gorge masters the challenge with ease.

Born from their shared love for heavy music and twenty years of experience in playing together, The Gorge consists of four jazz musicians who use the project as a creative outlet besides their day jobs as session musicians and music educators. Triangulating the chaotic yet groovy energy and the guitar masterclass of Botch with the riffage of Mastodon and the nimble instrumental intricacy of Animals As Leaders or Intronaut, Mechanical Fiction is an immensely ear-pleasing collection of tasty riffs and complex compositions that are nonetheless free-flowing like a river smoothly carving its winding path through a rugged landscape.

Offers guitarist/vocalist Phil Ring of their latest single:

“The frenetic, chicken pick’n guitars and start/stop rhythms of ‘Synapse Misfire’ work in tandem with the thematic exploration of what happens when the electrical impulses of the brain finally fail, passing on to whatever comes next. More often now we are remembered by a digital representation of our lives, for better or worse living on in the seeming permanence of the networks and synapses of the online world.”

Adds Everything Is Noise:

“Given AI’s obsessive development and use over the last few years, not to mention people’s desire to upload their own mind and consciousness before they pass on, this is quite the relevant topic. The video complements this well, juxtaposing performances of the band over renditions of the brain’s web-like synapses – simple yet effective. My favorite bit is the ending instrumental section where flair is stepped a bit to close the track out with rollicking drums, the best riffing of the track, and a general sense of overloading their sound to the point of abruptly breaking, though not literally…The Gorge, while technically impressive, does have a great sense of restraint that doesn’t take away from the musicality or energetic performance.”