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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Hard Ons release new single “In Falls Everything”

The Hard Ons release new single “In Falls Everything”, out now on Golden Robot Records.

Fresh from a successful tour of Europe, and Australian album launch tour, perennial favourites, Hard-Ons release their new single “In Falls Everything”. “In Falls Everything” is the latest single from the acclaimed album “Ripper ‘23” which reached #3 on the ARIA Australian Albums chart.

“In Falls Everything” is a punch in the face with powerful driving bass and big attention-grabbing riffs.

Blackie says:

“Last few albums we’ve been connecting/reconnecting with the more traditional aspects of Oz Rock … when ya have the radio blasting whatever comes on will seep into your noggin… can you dig it!! “

The album “Ripper 23” is The Hard-Ons through and through. Their 14th studio album, “Ripper 23” is their second with Tim Rogers out front, but their first with Rogers as a fully integrated member, contributing to songwriting and arrangements. The difference is palpable, and the album will be an absolute treat to the ears of fans old, new and indifferent.

The striking cover art and album title are inspired adaptations of the crass and outrageously sexist 1970s chart compilations unique to the Australian music marketplace (no, really, check them out!). But in the hands of The Hard-Ons, it’s really just a bit cheeky.

“Ripper 23” is out now on varied coloured vinyl formats, black vinyl, CD and cassette. Oh, and something about digital whatever. All on Golden Robot Records.