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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Revenants signs a worldwide contract with El Puerto Records

The Revenants, the new band around “End Of Green” icon Michelle Darkness signs a worldwide contract with the South German Rock & Metal label El Puerto Records. The debut album will be released in spring 2023.

Fitting to the signing of the contract, the band also presents the first tidbit from the upcoming album:

Marc Ayerle narrates on behalf of the whole band:

“A liasion far more than ‚business as usual‘. Since our first conversation we realized the immense lifeblood those guys are pumping into their work. Absolutely Contagious! We are really looking forward to our collaboration and can hardly wait to bring our new album to you.”

Label founder Torsten Ihlenfeld answers almost ecstatically:

“In a perfect world, “The Revenants” would be the next big thing for the rock arenas of the world. In a perfect world, those songs would soon lead the charts of the world. Make your world a little bit more perfect and listen to “The Revenants”!

Those guys recorded a mindblowing album that definitely is a must-listen when you are a real rock music lover!
Welcome aboard guys! Welcome @ El Puerto Records – The Revenants!”

Spring 2018. No big intro, no fanfare and no sensational announcment.

The two longtime soulbrothers, italian-rooted guitar wizard Fabiano Arganese and Marc Ayerle, guitarist, producer and live sound engineer for decades, started to jam around in Marcs own klangmanufaktur studios. There was no plan, no concept, nor any rules or genre typical limitations.

The guiding light was the music itself, the song was taking control over the path which shall be followed. After the first weekend session, four songs were written and completely recorded. A great glimpse of delight, which led to further deliberations. So Marc decided to ask one of his best and nearest friends, Michelle Darkness, well-known voice of Southern German Gloomsters “End of Green” (Marc is doing their live sound engineering for nearly 20 years now), to try some vocals on those.

It was a perfect match. The songs began to breath and it all started to gain contour. The rest seemed really to be predictable. The songwriting and production went like a breeze. 20 songs were finished and …

The Revenants was born!

Michelle Darkness | vocals
Fabiano Arganese | guitars, keys
Marc Ayerle | guitars, keys, bass, drums