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Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Same River released the new single ”Voyage\\The Great Sea”

the Greek stoner rock / doom act The Same River shares the new single “Voyage\\The Great Sea”, taken from the upcoming full-length “Weight of the World”. The new album is scheduled to be released on May 13 via Electric Talon Records (CD & Cassette, Americas) and Sliptrick Records (CD & Vinyl, Europe, Digital Distribution Worldwide). Watch the video below.

Dreamy atmospheres and sounds straddling psychedelia and alternative rock will bring you on a journey that is not only musical, but also existential. In fact, the band stated:

“Voyage\\The Great Sea” is a two part song. The first part (Voyage) is life. The everlasting struggle from the day we were born until our last breath. The fight with our inner demons, the fear of the unknown, and the everyday effort we spend embracing the gift of existence. The second part (The Great Sea) is the after-life. In many old myths from various civilizations, the passage to the after-life is commonly referred to as the great sea of souls- a place where unity is achieved. A place or a state in which everyone becomes all. Musically, the song is structured with a sense of a constant movement likened to the waves of a sea and the journey of life and soul concurrently.”

The Same River is a band from Athens. From the first day, they focused on writing songs that could deliver the band’s vision of this world; a lust for life and passion for making music.

After a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, the band completed their four song debut “Live At The Blackbox”, an EP recorded and mixed live, just to keep a ‘true and raw’ feeling. “Live At The Blackbox” was the world’s first introduction to the band’s sound in March 2020. Despite the difficulties and the lack of live performances, reviews were overwhelmingly positive and gave to the band the strength and inspiration to complete their first full-length album.

The upcoming album “Weight of the World”, made of eight songs for a running time of almost 52 minutes, embodies the band’s love for heavy, rock-influenced psychedelic music. Lyrically, it carries the band’s philosophical concerns about the decadence of human society filtered through the fears of an unknown world after this pandemic ends. Heraclitus, Albert Camus, Sigmund Freud and many mythological aspects of our heritage (with a deeper meaning), such as Sisyphus and Prometheus, blend in a way and fulfills in rhymes what their vision for this world is about; solidarity, peace and understanding.