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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Thundermaker release single “The Road”

It started in 2013 when they wanted to do something that not many had done before. An album consisting of several guest artists from bigger bands.

A collaboration with musicians way bigger than Us. At the time it was a unique concept but took a life of it’s own with time.

Now three albums in, they have evolved as musicians and also the thought process behind it. This album only has four new guest vocalists but each song has been structured to fit their vocalstyle and several appear on more than one track each.

This album started back in 2018 and therefor had a little darker tone (Fake, Where Sorrow Dwells). The remaining songs have a more positive message but they all have something in common, they deal with the inner struggle of relationships and they way they behave as human beings. That leads them to the concept of this album.

Thundermaker currently are in the final stages of their new, upcoming album!