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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Thurst – trailer for “The Helm Of Awe” released

Thurst has released a new Trailer for the new Album “The Helm Of Awe”. The Trailer include the Song Blood In The Sky.

The US Metal group Thurst is a legend. With their 1984 debut album “Fist Held High” and songs like the title track “Fist Held High” or the underground anthem “Posers Will Die”, they achieved a legendary status overnight. Thurst 2018 comeback metal masterpiece “Harvest Of Souls”; the first via Pure Steel Records has put Thurst back in the spotlight again! Only two years later they are now back with the new album “The Helm Of Awe”, on which THRUST remain completely true to themselves. Classic US Heavy Metal, very catchy and distinctive, and very melodic is presented in more than 50 minutes. Epic metal music with some surprises like the semi-ballad “Killing Bridge”, Straight numbers like “Blood In The Sky”, “Purgatory Gates” or the groovy title track “Helm Of Awe” complement a very strong album by the legendary band.