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Friday, September 22, 2023

Thus released “Inhale the Ash”

Emerging from the heart of Denmark, Thus, a dynamic progressive melodic death metal band, is launching onto the metal scene with their debut single, “Inhale the Ash”. This single, set to self-release on June 2nd, 2023, offers a distinctive blend of heavy, technical, and atmospheric elements that will open new doors within the world of metal. Inspired by the intricate dynamics of Revocation, The Black Dahlia Murder, and Alluvial, the band’s sound heralds a fresh take on the genre.

The creative force behind Thus comprises Frederik Jensen on vocals and guitar, Tobias Hornstrup on guitar, and Sebastian Skousgaard on bass. For “Inhale the Ash”, they also enlisted the formidable talent of Sebastian Lanser, known for his work with ex-Obscura and Panzerballett, to deliver phenomenal session drums.

Commenting on the single’s creative process, Frederik Jensen said:

“We all have different musical influences, and quite a lot of them. So we wanted to take the things we liked from our favorite genres and artists and combine them into something we could all be proud of.”

Jensen believes that Lanser’s “style of technicality and creative fills and grooves perfectly fits our vision.”

Despite being a debut, “Inhale the Ash” demonstrates an unwavering willingness to challenge convention.

“Our goal is to not just release the same song over and over, but to take some chances and challenge both ourselves and the listener,”

said Jensen. Indeed, this approach has yielded a unique song structure that distinguishes it from typical death metal offerings.

“Inhale the Ash” delves into a hauntingly grim theme. It’s centered around an old punishment form reserved for the most despicable crimes, wherein victims would inhale ash until they suffocated.

“The accompanying music video to ‘Inhale the Ash’ tells the story of a person, who is accused of a crime, and therefore is sustained to the terrible and slow punishment”,

the band explained.

The band’s debut is not only an artistic expression but also a hopeful vision of what they can bring to the genre.

“We hope it’ll fill out a need in the genre we see missing: a melodic, heavy, death metal band that likes to play/write dynamically and takes some chances in their songwriting”,

the band shared.

Thus encourages listeners to truly embrace “Inhale the Ash” and explore the nuances in the songwriting and rhythmic/melodic structure. However, their ultimate hope is for fans to simply enjoy their music.

The collaboration between Thus and renowned mixer and masterer Andreas Linnemann, known for his work with Baest and Angerot, ensured the record reached its fullest potential. “Inhale the Ash” marks an auspicious beginning for Thus, as they traverse the path of progressive melodic death metal, promising more gripping creations in the future.